The 5 Logistical Benefits of Working with an IT Staffing Company

Hiring a new employee is a large task for any company, and hiring for the IT department poses an even greater challenge. Right now, information technology professionals are in high demand, yet the industry is also vast and nuanced combining both the need for refined match-making and extreme hiring competition. The effort of hiring in this environment is enough to see why many brands are choosing to work with a specialized staffing company instead.

An IT staffing company has the ability to understand, reach, and network technically skilled professionals and connect businesses with the right pros for each task at hand. IT staffing companies can provide temporary dedicated IT teams or help you find permanent IT staff who are expertly matched to your needs and company culture. Let’s take a closer look at the logistic, financial, and gap-bridging benefits of working with a staffing company to source your IT talent.

Skip the IT “War for Talent” Competition

IT is among the most highly contested talent pools on the market. Every business needs more computer, cloud, and security infrastructure, and the need has outgrown the supply. This has made marketing for IT talent into a typical representation of the “war for talent” environment with high competition between employers on job boards and through recruiters.

An IT staffing company, however, provides a more stable and manicured marketplace of technical talent that regularly take contract work or are looking for their next long-term role. Companies that hire IT through a staffing company can skip the “war for talent” and more reliably find the technical staff they need, when they need it, without months of job marketing.

Save Time and Money on Job Marketing and Vetting

Speaking of job marketing, a staffing company has the unique ability to save you the time and budget of the whole hiring process. Marketing your roles on job boards, vetting initial applicants, and handling the first few rounds of interviews all happen “off stage” from the business’ perspective, as a staffing company has their own process for sourcing talent and match-making.

Instead of the rigorous job marketing and candidate filtration process, businesses can send their request to the staffing team and receive a prepared shortlist ready to assess for specific project and team needs. This allows your IT or HR department to refocus those funds and the time that would be spent toward more productive measures.

Hire Skilled IT Without an IT Hiring Manager On-Staff

One of the greatest challenges in IT hiring is that you need an experienced IT manager to hire a good IT team member. Naturally, the interviewing manager must be able to spot people who know their stuff vs those who can parrot keywords. If skill-based assessments are used, someone on the hiring team should understand the skills and assessments involved. This can make it difficult for small business teams to hire their first IT pro. Who will interview them?

The answer is your staffing company. An IT staffing company has experienced technical professionals ready to assess IT candidates on a wide range of skills and specialties. This makes it possible for your business to hire a skilled, capable, and vetted new IT staff member without the on-staff experience to vet their technical skills. You don’t have to guess which IT candidate is the genuine article, because every candidate we send to you will be someone who has already proven their know-how to an experienced IT hiring manager. Your role in the interview process is to determine which of your short-list candidates are the right fit for your team.

Flexible Short-Term and Long-Term IT Team Members

Staffing companies also offer the benefit of flexibility.  Many businesses need a differing size of IT room depending on the season and projects at hand. An IT staffing company can help you with both temporary and long-term technical team building. Should you need a contractor or team for the duration of a project, we can arrange that and ensure each IT pro is ready for the contract’s end. Short-term team members can come in to help with the aftermath of a single emergency or the ongoing needs of a single large-account client.

Should you need medium-term IT professionals for the duration of an ongoing contract or until one very lone project is done, an IT staffing company can find you dedicated technicians to work on each item with an agreed-upon schedule. You can even book contractors in perpetuity if you need the steady part-time services of an IT professional for certain operations. If your ranks swell and shrink with the seasons, your staffing team can help you meet that need, as well.

Match-Making for Permanent IT Staff

Of course, if you’re looking for a permanent IT administrator to add to your ranks, you can also rely on your IT staffing company for a permanent recommendation. Permanent placements are IT professionals who are also looking for a long-term arrangement and hope that your initial encounter will turn into a permanent and full-time job offer.

Match-making is an essential role for a staffing company because it is what enables both businesses and talent to skip the hectic hubbub of the job boards. Many of the IT professionals accessible through a staffing company are not officially job-seeking – they are getting their roles from the company – opening up a new job pool for long-term hires that could be the perfect fit for your needs and team culture.

Staffing Your IT Team with the Provato Group

Here at the Provato Group, we are passionate about helping both professionals and businesses find the right match for every role. We have cultivated a ready network of technical professionals looking for opportunities to build their skills and find jobs they love. Let us select a short list of IT talent to accelerate and streamline your technical hiring.

To explore the possibilities of short-term and long-term IT staffing with the help of the Provato Group staffing company, contact us today. We look forward to matchmaking your roles with the right IT professionals for every occasion.

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