Provato Leadership

The Provato Group’s leadership team is made up of experienced, focused and passionate executives, with a collective goal of bringing flexible business changing solutions to customers. Learn more about each leader, and reach out to schedule some time to discuss your business goals with us.

Jeff Zart - Managing Director

Jeff is the President and Managing Director of Provato. Armed with an extensive background in IT leadership, IT Strategic Planning, Project Management and Software Development, he believes that technology is a key differentiator for all organizations both large and small, and has a passion to help companies adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape.

Dan Egleston - Technology Director

Dan leads the technical team as the Technology Director at Provato. He has nearly 25 years of experience architecting complex enterprise solutions, and leading technology and application development teams. Recently, Dan has been focused on helping customers with cloud strategy and migration, application modernization, and DevOps.

John Oddo - Business Development Director

John co-leads the business development team at The Provato Group, leveraging over 25 years of hands-on direct sales experience with technology services, specifically as it relates providing on-demand IT consulting and project resources.

Mike Oddo - Business Development Director

Mike co-leads the business development team at The Provato Group, and has over 25 years of professional services, project services and staffing experience. Mike has worked with all types of clients from mid-market to enterprise, and has been with the Provato Group since its inception in 2010.

Genevieve Bell - Web Designer

Genevieve is a Web and Graphic Designer with experience in branding, UX and product design. She strives to create web and graphic designs that not only provide a user-friendly experience, but also help a brand present their vision in a unique and inspired way.

Josh Benci - Senior Application Developer

Josh is a Senior Application Developer with over a decade of professional experience with ASP.NET. Josh leads the way on projects involving heavy development and database solutions.

Henry Brooks - Junior Developer

Henry is a Junior Developer that works as part of our Application Development team to develop programs by updating, repairing, modifying and expanding existing software and generic applications. He specializes in support for .NET applications.

Eric Crilow - Digital Marketing

Eric works with business leadership of all shapes, sizes, and maturity levels to ideate and map out strategies for realistic and scalable growth. These strategies are accompanied by actionable recommendations for marketing and sales teams, which are informed by his 16 year track record of success in digital marketing, sales and marketing enablement, conversion, and awareness building smart practices.

Patrick Dew - UI Architect

Patrick is a UI Architect at Provato. He endeavors to create effective UI experiences for clients and their end-users, leveraging his knowledge in the implementation of various CMS, CRM and ecommerce platforms.

Wes Dew - Solutions Architect

Wes is a Solutions Architect with over 20 years in the IT industry. Wes has deep experience with Microsoft Azure, Terraform and Infrastructure as Code (IaC), physical and virtual server configuration and administration, cloud migrations, and DevOps.

Craig Koteles - Senior Account Manager

Craig is a boots on the ground account manager. With over 25 years of experience working with desktop and web applications along with various site design and content management systems. He brings his wealth of knowledge to the table when working with new and existing clients. As the saying goes, he knows a thing or two, because he’s seen a thing or two.

Brian McCracken - Digital Solutions Architect

Brian works across many different areas within digital commerce including project discovery, consulting, data flow, and integrations.