Provato Leadership

The Provato Group’s leadership team is made up of experienced, focused and passionate executives, with a collective goal of bringing flexible business changing solutions to customers. Learn more about each leader, and reach out to schedule some time to discuss your business goals with us.

Jeff Zart

Jeff Zart - Managing Director

Jeff Zart is the President and Managing Director of The Provato Group and has over 25 years of IT industry experience as an entrepreneur and executive, and most recently managed the Dealer Systems Division for the Harley-Davison Motor Company.  Jeff has an extensive background in IT leadership, IT Strategic Planning, Project Management and Software Development. Jeff believes that technology is a key differentiator for all organizations both large and small and has a passion to help companies adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape. Jeff holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Computer Information Science from Cleveland State University.

Dan Egleston

Dan Egleston - Technology Director

Dan Egleston leads the technical team at The Provato Group. He has over 20 years of experience leading technology and application development teams, architecting and delivering complex enterprise solutions, and managing product roadmaps. He has built, led, and mentored large, cross-functional teams to deliver solutions, both on-prem and in the cloud, and has established technology standards, tools, and frameworks for multiple development organizations.  He is a hands-on manager, experienced in delivering software products utilizing agile and waterfall methodologies. Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis.​

Mike Oddo - Business Development Director

Mike Oddo co-leads the business development team at The Provato Group, and has over 25 years of professional services, project services and staffing experience. Mike has worked with all types of clients from mid-market to enterprise, and has been with the Provato Group since its inception in 2010.

John Oddo

John Oddo - Business Development Director

John Oddo co-leads the business development team at The Provato Group, leveraging over 25 years of hands-on direct sales experience with technology services, specifically as it relates providing on-demand IT consulting and project resources. With over two decades of industry agnostic experience, John has developed a steadfast reputation for delivering fully vetted on-demand highly technical staffing solutions, with cost effective results. John prides himself in sourcing and providing highly motivated, high performing resources, and has been with The Provato Group since 2013. ​