Redefining an Organization

Corporate Screening

Corporate Screening
  • Process Improvement
  • Requirements Definition
  • Customer Facing Portal Design & Development
  • Internal Business System Design & Development
  • Vendor Portal Design & Development
  • Implementation Management

Project Overview

Corporate Screening, a background investigation leader, approached us with an idea to redefine themselves by becoming a technology leader in their industry. The Provato Group lead the collaborative process of re-envisioning and streamlining their business processes with the intention of performing background investigations in less time without sacrificing quality, thus improving customer service.

The Results

Because close collaboration between the two companies was maintained, we’ve been able to take the pain points out of the background investigation process, which allows cases to flow seamlessly through the system. The Corporate Screening support team now operates from the mindset of spending time on the exceptions, rather than having to focus on the minutiae.

The system’s built-in features will also track every step that is performed over every specific search or verification. This enables Corporate Screening to offer transparency to their clients, and the customer facing portal puts that information immediately right at their fingertips.

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Corporate Screening
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