Developing Business Strategy




  • Establish and attend Steering Committee Meetings
  • Facilitate Project Scoping Sessions
  • Facilitate Requirements Elicitation Sessions
  • Procurement Management

Project Overview

Mayfran, a global leader in providing solutions for manufacturing scrape management, engaged us for an ERP software search. The company was relying on a legacy order entry system enhanced through custom built bolt-on solutions and integrated third party software. The system left many pain points in the overall business operation that lead to inefficiency and error. Although the need for technological transformation was clear to the IT Manager, the need to implement a modern ERP was less clear to many employees who had long tenure at Mayfran.

The Provato Group lead the collaborative process of documenting current business processes by facilitating scoping sessions with SMEs across the organization. High level process flows were described and pain points were identified. Specific pain points were selected as MVP processes, which were then analyzed during requirements elicitation sessions to streamline the core operations. At this point the organization agreed on the need for improvement, and were ready to critique various software solutions with the target workflows in mind. Moreover, the information that was collected and documented served potential vendors in competing for the business.

The Results

The organization was able to evaluate more than 20 vendors based on the specific needs of the organization. Through each step of procurement analysis the qualified list of vendors was condensed until the final few were invited to demonstrate their software. With the final two potential vendors having been identified, Mayfran was able to negotiate a favorable contract. The implementation project began with the organization unified, and ready to take on the challenge with a vendor that together they had identified as the best fit for the organization.

Case Studies