read moreIT project manager reviewing a gantt chart

Defining IT Project Management and Its Importance for Project Success

January 26th, 2021
With the rapid growth of business IT, companies are implementing IT projects faster than ever. Back in 2019, Business Standard reported that the avera…

read moreSomeone learning about application modernization

What is Application Modernization? And Why is it Important?

January 8th, 2021
Most companies who have been around for a while have collected legacy applications. They do more or less what you want them to do, and changing involv…

read morePerson taking notes about staffing trends

December 14th, 2020
In recent times, the staffing industry has undergone major changes as new technologies emerge, and the hiring practices change year-on-year. In 2020, …

read moreBusiness analyst compiling discovery data

Why You Should Invest in Discovery for Your IT Projects

December 8th, 2020
If you are starting a new technology project, you may already have a grand vision of the final product. However, you cannot always expect your idea wi…

read moreImage representing data security

November 4th, 2020
2020 has been an intense year for cybersecurity, and it’s not over yet. We are both seeing new trends in hacker activity and bringing new defens…

read moreImage representing 5G technology

The Coming 5G and IoT Revolution

November 2nd, 2020
All the big carriers are bragging about their new 5G networks and how they are building out faster than the other guy. It’s rather obvious that …

read moreCalendar showing that voting happens on Tuesday

The Role of Technology In the US 2020 Election

October 21st, 2020
We all love technology and the convenience that comes with it, but that love stops right where the electoral process starts. More specifically, the te…

read morePerson viewing a new application on their smartphone

Why Disruptive Technology is a Good Thing

October 8th, 2020
In most cases, disruptions are associated with something bad. When you combine disruptive elements with technology, things can start to sound even wor…

read moreMarketing Consultant Speaking with a Small Business Owner

6 Benefits of Hiring A Marketing Consultant

September 24th, 2020
Marketing plays a significant role in dictating the future of your business operations, but not all businesses can afford to hire a marketing professi…

read moreTwo people looking at security statistics on an ipad

Keep Your Company’s Network Safe: 5 Fundamentals of Network Security

September 3rd, 2020
Almost every business no matter how big or small uses the internet in some capacity. Network security is one of the most important aspects of operatin…

read moreLeader overseeing and engaging with her employees during meeting

Employee Engagement and the Role Leadership Plays

August 6th, 2020
Employee engagement is a familiar topic to most anyone involved in leadership, whether you manage a small team or run a large corporation.  Engag…

read moreMother homeschooling two children via laptop computer

8 Ways Cloud Computing is Revolutionizing Education

July 22nd, 2020
Cloud computing is changing the way a lot of industries work. Education is no exception. In this post, we'll look at 8 key ways that cloud computing i…