Webinar: Accelerate Software Delivery with Microsoft Azure DevOps

With Azure DevOps solutions, deliver software faster and more reliably—no matter how big your IT department or what tools you’re using. The Provato Group helps our clients navigate their Azure DevOps journey, including consulting, implementation, and management. Join our free one-hour webinar to learn more!

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Wine and IT Professionals | Our Next Meetup – Thursday, May 2nd

The Wine and IT Professionals fun continues on Thursday, May 2nd! Mark your calendars for an exciting presentation by Tara, Jessica and Jim from Dell joining us to speak about Boomi at 750ml Brecksville. Dell Boomi is the most robust, innovative cloud-based integration platform on the market today. RSVP

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Cigars and Technology | Our Next Meetup – Tuesday May 14th!

We excited to announce our next Meetup scheduled for Tuesday May 14th to be held again at Cigar Cigar’s in Ohio City! We have a very exciting and informative presentation planned from two of our own members, Shane Hurst and Jason Gintert of WAN Dynamics.

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Accelerate Software Delivery with MS Azure DevOps

DevOps is more than just a buzz word. It’s a software development methodology that is being implemented by companies large and small. DevOps combines software development with information technology operations to shorten the systems development life cycle. As companies become more agile in their software development practices, it follows that the operations team may need […]

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Wine and IT Professionals | Tuesday, March 5th

The Wine and IT Professionals group was formed by The Provato Group for those who share the passions of managing IT Projects and enjoying wine. This is a social club with the intent to provide a platform for networking with other IT Professionals, such as IT Managers, IT Project Managers, and IT Analysts. Our first […]

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Cigars and Technology

“ Another successful Cigars and Technology event occurred on the evening of Tuesday, January 8th at Cigars Cigars on Lorain Ave. in Ohio City. More than 35 IT specialists came to enjoy a cigar or two, while learning more about Dell Boomi. The presentation entitled “What is Dell Boomi?” was facilitated by Tara Sapp, Jessica […]

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