Your Digital Marketing Transformation Starts Here

Digital marketing is not a destination, it’s a journey, and The Provato Group helps guide companies on their digital transformation journey. In order to support this process, we have developed a proprietary Digital Marketing Maturity model (DMM) and assessment that helps us understand a client’s current state of digital transformation and enables us to guide them on a path to achieve their goals.

Digital Marketing Maturity Model

The Provato Group uses a sports analogy theme that most are familiar with to make the model easily consumable. All businesses are placed within this model as a method of providing context and highlighting goals.

Digital Marketing Assessment

In the marketing world, assessments are a standard tool used to evaluate businesses and their capabilities. Often, these assessments are significant projects in themselves and can be expensive and taxing on client resources.

At The Provato Group, we recognize that your time is valuable and we don’t subject our clients to lengthy discovery sessions. Our marketing assessment tool is accessible online, takes approximately 10 minutes to fill out and provides comprehensive data that gives us insight into who you are and what you need.

Best of all, it’s FREE!

Our Assessment Categories

Audience & Message

How well do you know your audience, and are your messages tailored to each audience segment?

People & Systems

Who is involved in the marketing efforts at your company, and is there open and honest communication about the importance of marketing?

Outbound Marketing

Are you getting your marketing message(s) out in a variety of ways, and making sure to cover all bases when doing so?

Inbound Marketing

Are you educating your audience and providing them with the information and tools needed to make decisions?

Goals, Motivators & Analytics

Are you monitoring the results of your marketing efforts and interpreting the results to make informed decisions for future marketing efforts?

Start your Digital Marketing Journey

Some of the most exciting aspects of our online assessment tool are that it is comprehensive and will provide immediate feedback. Upon completing the DMM Assessment, you will receive the following:

  • Placement within the ranking levels of our Digital Marketing Maturity Model
  • Explanation of your ranking level on the model
  • An offer to provide you with details of the areas that you should focus on