Application Modernization Services

Our Cloud Services team will transform your legacy applications into reliable cloud applications that will support your business needs into the future

Application Modernization

Cloud, Tools, and server iconsMany organizations are operating with antiquated and unsupported legacy applications as critical components of their business. Cloud solutions, such as Microsoft Azure, offer many options to help ensure your business applications continue to operate efficiently and uninterrupted. There are many app modernization strategies options to consider, and The Provato Group Cloud Services team will help guide you to the best solution to meet your business needs of today and the future.

Rehost or Lift and Shift

Rehosting, often referred to as Lift and Shift, can be one of the simplest options to ensure operational continuity, and is often the entry point for many businesses into the cloud. This option is often leveraged when servers or operating systems are failing or out of support. Often times this can be as simple as moving a copy of the solution to virtual servers in the cloud with little or no remediation required. It eliminates the need to purchase new servers or software and immediately provides a stable home for the legacy solution with minimal effort. This can also be a good first step to a larger application modernization plan that starts with finding a stable environment, but leads to application refactoring, rearchitecting or even a complete replacement with a native cloud solution.


Refactoring a solution is closely related to a lift and shift scenario, but a bit more complex when some solution modifications are required. This can be a scenario where software is so outdated that it will not run on newer operating systems and some level of code modernization is required. While you typically would not drive large scale functionality changes in this model, smaller functional updates and the elimination of technical debt is common. Frequently, this can be nothing more than updating existing code to ensure it compiles and functions as intended in the latest version of the development platform.


When your legacy solution needs more than just some code tweaks and material changes to the application or functionality, re-architecting may be the best alternative. In this scenario you are not only changing the codebase but looking to exploit potential efficiencies and capabilities of the new platform. It could be simply breaking the application into layers to improve performance, or scalability or migrating to a service-based architecture to improve supportability.

Native Solutions

In an ideal world, all solutions would be built natively within the cloud development platform rather than having been migrated from another environment. Cloud native applications are designed to maximize resilience and are naturally abstracted from infrastructure dependencies and the cloud platform’s automated infrastructure provisioning greatly simplifies capacity planning and scalability. Additionally, the inherent microservices cloud architecture makes for simplified application updates and allows for loosely coupled, independent development teams. As with all cloud-based platforms, the consumption-based model allows for applications to be dialed back or shut off when not in use and eliminates the need to purchase and support hardware.

The Provato Difference

At the Provato Group, the cloud solutions that we deliver are designed and developed to meet the needs of your business. You may be simply trying to extend the life of a legacy solution where a simple lift and shift to the cloud will meet your needs, where someone else needs a greenfield design and implementation of a cloud native application. The Provato Cloud Services team can do it all and will ensure that the solution properly fits your business need.