PPC Creation & Campaign Management Services

Reach the right audience, boost traffic, increase sales, and control advertising costs with PPC campaigns.

Get more qualified traffic and be found for what’s important to you. Make sure you’re being found first when customers are searching for the products and services you offer. PPC is unique in that you can have more traffic and more leads, instantly. With PPC, you can track the visits and searches that are driving more business.

Strong PPC Ad Creation and Management

Make the most of your PPC campaigns with effective PPC ad creation and management. PPC campaigns are not a “set it and forget it” project. For PPC to be optimized and effective, it’s important to have management over your PPC account to make sure the campaigns are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Otherwise, it’s very easy to waste money on untargeted and ineffective clicks.

At The Provato Group, we’re not a marketing company. We’re a “help you reach your goals” company. We partner with you to take your goals and build on them to make sure you’re doing what you can to reach your target markets.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Journey

When people use Google, Bing, Yahoo!, they are actively seeking out information. What are they looking for? More importantly, how are they looking for your product or services? We work with you to understand their mindsets when they hit the search engines. We make sure we understand the key phrases they are using, and which ones show that they’re close to making a decision.

The ad copy a user sees has to speak to them, urge them to take action, and make them know that they are making the right decision. We work with the ad copy throughout the life of your campaigns. Search patterns change over time. There can’t be a “set and forget” mentality if you wish to be successful with PPC campaigns.

Once your user clicks the ad, where are they going? How is that page performing? At The Provato Group, our background in IT and systems means that we’re going to make that page work with your existing solutions to drive valuable results. We will test pages, copy, and designs, to ensure a constant evolution of growth. And we’ll offer recommendations based on expert advice so you can get the most out of your campaigns.

Partnering With Provato

We say it all the time: we’re not a marketing company, we’re a technology solutions company. Your solution should be solving, not creating work, problems, or headaches. With our team of experts and professionals, we work to ensure that your entire digital infrastructure is working towards your goals.

To get you there, we sit down and analyze what it is you need to have happen for your PPC campaigns to run smoothly and most efficiently. We talk about the customer journey, learn their pain points, discuss what you want to be found for and what you don’t want to be found for, and more. We then work within your existing frameworks and systems to get you there.