Full Time Placement

When you need a full-time IT professional, but don’t have the capacity to sift through countless resumes or keep up with every technological advancement.

Hiring the right person takes time, energy and resources. Doing all the heavy lifting, The Provato Group helps companies who are looking to bring high-level leadership IT roles on board. We place the top talent for your IT needs across all industries and only bring you the candidates that match your requirements.

When to hire a full-time IT professional

Companies sometimes teeter between the idea of hiring an IT contractor or a full-time IT professional. It’s important to look at your specific technology needs and the outlook of your company to determine which is best for you. Here are some examples of when it may be appropriate to hire a full-time professional:

  • Ongoing internal issues. When you’re having ongoing problems with technology systems and really need someone onsite to resolve issues as they arise.
  • Critical roles. Technology roles that are critical to your business or services are ideally owned within the organization.
  • Company growth. Sometimes, companies experience growing pains and certain vendors can’t keep up.
  • Complex technology needs. Perhaps you need help managing multiple platform systems or need a specific type of IT support specialist to solve your technological challenges.

The Provato Group Difference

Doing a quick search online for an IT staffing agency, you’ll find many options. What makes The Provato Group different?.

Quality over quantity. Always.

We only send you candidates that meet your criteria. This means you won’t have to sift through countless resumes, which saves you time, resources, and energy.


Our IT recruiters come with over 75 years of IT staffing and recruiting experience. leaving us distinctively positioned to be educators about the IT staffing industry along with being advocates.

Industry agnostic.

We serve any industry nationwide for IT needs that are big or small, simple or complex, and everything in between.

Senior technical leadership selection.

We take the extra step of having our senior technical leadership further vet selected candidates and offer aptitude tests to reassure compatibility.

Follow up.

We make periodic check-ins to make sure our clients are satisfied, even after the hire.

Featured Clients

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IT and technology in business helps your company be more productive, improve performance, enhance employee and customer experiences, and more. If you need a full-time IT specialist, we can help. The Provato Group is here to do the heavy lifting ensuring there’s a right fit for both the IT professional and the employer