Engineering Staffing

Engineering and technology resources are some of the most in demand and difficult to find talent in the marketplace.  Posting job ads on recruiting boards may get you some resumes, but likely not the ones you want and need.  These types of highly skilled roles take a full-time recruiting effort, and The Provato Group has the experienced Engineering Staffing team to meet your toughest challenges.  Let us show you how we take the hassle of hiring!

Why Use Engineering Staffing Services?

Engineering StaffingTechnologists of all types of disciplines are in high demand and finding the right experience and company fit can be a difficult task. Many hiring managers rely on their HR Department to recruit and fill open roles. While most HR resources do amazing work, they have many tasks which often results in the total recruiting effort being a website job posting. Passive recruiting can be effective for some roles, but engineering roles are not easy to fill. Your job posting will likely produce candidates, but the odds of finding the “right” candidate is not as strong as you would like.

This is where an Engineering Staffing firm like The Provato Group brings the most value. We do not just start recruiting when we learn of an opening. We network and talk to engineering resources every day, whether they looking for the next opportunity or not. This ensures that we have a wide array of potential candidates available at any given time. Many candidates do not search job boards and will never likely submit their resume via those channels. A staffing firm like The Provato Group will cast the widest net and find the absolute best resources.

Who Benefits?

The best part about a firm like The Provato Group is that we help support the hiring manager, HR manager and candidate. The hiring manager benefits by receiving as many high quality resumes as possible. The HR manager receives the benefit of off-loading some active recruiting responsibilities. And lastly, the candidate benefits by having an independent recruiter to communicate expectations and help remove stress from the situation.

A 3rd party recruiter can manage expectations and advocate for all involved parties. The worst scenario in the hiring process is when time is wasted due to missed information or uncommunicated expectations. This could be in the form of salary demands, relocation expectations or candidate background. The Provato Group ensures that communication is clear and complete with no surprises to derail the process. Above all, we deliver the best engineering candidates to ensure satisfaction for everyone involved.

Provato's Proven Process

Engineering Staffing Roles

These are just some of the popular Engineering roles that we actively recruit:

  • Software Designer
  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • IoT Engineer
  • Hardware Designer
  • Firmware Engineer
  • Product Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Quality Engineer
  • System Integrator
  • Application Engineer

Contractor Services

When you don’t need a full-time employee but need the right resource for a specific project or duration of time.

Why choose Contractor Services?

  • Budget versus FTE headcount. Often times it is easier to get budget than it is to get an incremental headcount. You may have a critical skill set need for a project or a new capability, but adding an FTE is not feasible. A contractor resource gives you the flexibility to expand or contract your staff without adding a permanent full-time head.
  • Temporary needs. You may only need a certain expertise for a limited period of time. Going through the FTE hiring process for temporary need is not cost or time effective.  Contractors can be added and removed quickly to support the demands of the business.
  • Salary structureYou may need a resource with extensive experience in a particular high demand skill, but your FTE salary structure does align with the cost of the resource. Hiring that role as a contractor allows you to keep your salary structure in tact but still obtain the talent that you need to accomplish your goals.

Contract to Hire

Sometimes the best way to ensure that you hire the right person is to try them out before making a long-term commitment (i.e. Try and Buy)

Why choose Contract to Hire Model?

  • Budget (headcount) timing versus work schedules. The ability to hire FTE’s and project schedules do not always align. The contract to hire model enables you the ability to bring on resources when you need them most but allows the flexibility to work through HR and budgeting processes for headcount approvals.
  • Ensuring there is a fit after a match. If you hire a contractor with the possibility of full-time employment, you can see how the contractor performs along with how they blend with your company’s culture. At Provato, our matchmaking is exceptional, but before a full-time opportunity is offered, you can see the matchmaking proof for yourself.
  • Cost savingsSometimes, the economy isn’t as strong, or budgets need to be met. The contract to hire model allows you to fulfill a changing workload before committing to hire a contractor full-time if the need arises.

Full Time Placement

When you need a full-time professional, but do not have the capacity to sift through countless resumes or keep up with every technological advancement.

Why Choose Full Time Placement?

  • Core Competency. Some roles represent the core of your department responsibilities and having FTE’s in those roles can be beneficial. It may also require proprietary knowledge and time investment that cannot be easily replaced which lends itself to an FTE.
  • Mission Critical roles. Roles that are critical to your business or services are ideally owned within the organization. Investing in these roles with long term FTE resources are generally the best way to go to ensure continuity of service.
  • Leadership roles. Typically, leadership roles are filled with FTE’s. Leaders represent and drive the culture of your organization which requires a level of engagement that typically only comes from an FTE.


When you need access to critical resources, but don’t need them every day or even every week.

Why Choose the OnDemand Model?

  • Part-Time Needs. Your needs are very real but not necessarily regular enough to warrant a full-time resource.  OnDemand allows you to leverage resources when you need them and only pay for what you use.
  • Multiple Skill Sets. You may need multiple skill sets that you cannot easily hire in one resource. OnDemand enables you to leverage multiple skill sets and multiple resources, only when you need them.
  • Insurance Policy. You need to know that you will have the support from skilled resources when you need them, but it is not cost-effective to hire those resources on your full-time staff.  OnDemand ensures that you have the necessary resources when you need them.