Technology Solutions

Providing flexible technology solutions and services to meet your technical needs to propel your business forward.

The Provato Group’s proven expertise in technology solutions ensures any IT project can be completed head on. Our team is skilled and equipped to handle even the most complicated technology projects effectively, on time, and done to your specifications. We have decades of experience helping various industries providing solutions based on your needs, your infrastructure and your platform.

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Mobile App Development

The number of people accessing the Internet via mobile phones and tablets is only increasing. Mobile app development can help you reach a large number of potential consumers and keep you connected with current consumers. Transform existing applications to mobile platforms, or design and develop mobile applications from the ground up.
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Web Development

Ensuring a web application is designed and developed properly using best practices is important. The Provato Group architects, designs and develops web applications with advanced capabilities specific to meet your needs.
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IT System Integrations

Integrating disparate data sources and getting them to talk to each other improves communication and productivity within your organization. Whether it’s CRM, ERP, or PIM systems, The Provato Group makes systems work seamlessly together in a manner that is completely transparent to the intended user community.
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Business Intelligence & Reporting

Collect and extract relevant insights from business data in an easy-to-understand way with business intelligence reporting. BI reporting provides suggestions and observations about business trends that help empower decision makers to act based on data, not opinions.
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Database Administration (DBA)

Database development and administration consists of building, maintaining and managing a database to make it available as needed. Our team ensures that your database is optimized to its maximum performance capabilities, secure from outside threats and scalable to meet your needs of today and into the future.
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IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is the foundation that supports all aspects of your business from your employees to your website to your customers. Building, maintaining and operating a strong infrastructure is critical for the success and continuity of any business.
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