IT Infrastructure

Building a strong foundation for your business with proper IT infrastructure to allow the existence, operation and management of your IT environment to thrive.

IT infrastructure is the foundation that supports all aspects of your business from your employees to your website to your customers. Building, maintaining and operating a strong infrastructure is critical for the success and continuity of any business.

Without it, your entire operation comes to a grinding halt while you spend capital trying to get it up and running again. This is where The Provato Group will save you time, headaches, and most importantly, reduce your capital expenditures.

How We Help Improve IT Infrastructure

Our focus is to build strong IT infrastructure. We know your business is unique, and the solutions that you use should be tailored and modeled in such a way that your lives are made simpler and easier without added hassle. We work closely with you to develop a plan that aligns your IT infrastructure with the goals and needs of your business and your business’ stakeholders.

By utilizing the inherent elasticity of cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), we can build small and then scale rapidly. We acknowledge that not every business is ready to move to the cloud, so we accommodate and always ensure we work within your objectives to meet your goals.

IT Infrastructure Services & Solutions

Cutting-edge IT tools can be incredibly beneficial to support a business or organization. It’s important to utilize hardware and software that meets your specific needs, whether that’s building on the foundations and tools you already have in place, or building infrastructure from the ground up.

The Provato Group will match you with the right IT infrastructure solutions assisting in business continuity while allowing your business to scale. To minimize waste and unneeded bells and whistles, we seek to understand your unique business and match the best solutions that fit your needs, not our wants. That is our foundation.

  • Infrastructure planning
  • Building IT infrastructures
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Disaster recovery
  • Migrating IT infrastructures
  • Infrastructure management
  • Optimizing current infrastructures

The Provato Group Difference

Our team is full of people that are genuinely passionate and interested in IT. They stay on top of the latest trends, architectures, and are forward-thinkers, allowing you to leverage their knowledge and take leaps forward to improve your organization.

The depth and breadth of our experience is unmatched. Having worked with insurance providers, manufacturing companies and worldwide suppliers of innovative materials, we’ve been able to see and handle just about any IT need that can be thrown at us.

Our passion leads our team to be industry and tool agnostic. This means we don’t adhere to one specialization. We cast a wide net with what we do so that we can better serve and fulfill the specific and unique needs of our clients.