AWS to Azure Migration


A leading provider of innovative real estate software applications and hosted solutions, needed to migrate an AI OCR Application currently residing in AWS Cloud in EU Frankfurt and East US Regions to Azure Cloud AKS Services in those same regions. This provider required assistance to migrate the Containerized Application(s), Databases and Supporting Apps and Services infrastructure. Given this is well within Provato’s capabilities, the provider knew where to go with their needs.


As with most projects we handle, we started with understanding as much as possible from this client during a discovery phase. Based on what we learned during that phase, we outlined a list of project deliverables and dove into the planning and design phases which consisted of:

  • Documenting current state AWS cloud framework: Accounts, VPC’s, Security Groups, NACLs, resource groups, tagging, etc. and map out Future State Azure Cloud Adoption Framework landing zone subscriptions, virtual networks, subnets, resource groups, NSG’s Network Security Groups.
  • Evaluation of current development environment with GitLab and planned IaC (Infrastructure as Code) implementation with Terraform
  • Design and implementation and deployment of core services (IaaS vs Appliance vs PaaS), Kubernetes clusters (AKS PaaS) and supporting applications in Azure
  • Deployment planning including sites and migration methodology

After planning and design was completed, we began creating the Azure production and test environments:

  • Installed Cloud Adoption Framework (resource groups, virtual networks, subnets, network security groups, ACLs, etc.)
  • Stood up core services, supporting applications and tools, and AKS
  • Developed and Tested Migration Plan
  • Installed Cloud Adoption Framework (resource groups, virtual networks, subnets, network security groups, ACLs, etc.)
  • Tested and qualified each site as they are built and migrated

With the new environment completed, we migrated the supporting apps from AWS to Azure including:

  • Established migration baseline
  • Migrated/Installed core services and supporting applications in both sites
  • Executed migration plan:  AWS K8S clusters to Azure sites
    • EU region has 6 x K8S Clusters
    • US region has 1 x Prod K8S Cluster
  • Tested and qualified solution