Corporate Screening – Modern Business System

Introduction & Background

Corporate Screening screen shotCorporate Screening Services, Inc. (Corporate Screening) is a nationally ranked provider of global background screening and human resources outsourcing (HRO) related solutions, and has been a provider to some of the nation’s top employers for over 30 years. Our relationship started due to a need Corporate Screening had for a resource to assist with a smaller IT project. Based on the success we had in regards to placing this resource, and subsequent success we had staffing other key IT resources, the President of Corporate Screening came to us with a major challenge that was posing issues for his internal workforce. He knew we could be trusted, as we’re one of the top software development companies.

Challenges & Objectives

The President shared with us that their existing software solution was no longer working for the team that was using it, and that due to its outdated, homegrown and custom developed nature, it was becoming too cumbersome to update, manage and be leveraged effectively by the internal team. One example of a pain point that was discovered was that different types of users accessed many different systems to achieve just a single outcome. Additionally, Corporate Screening was looking to become a technology leader in their industry, by re-envisioning and streamlining their business process with the intention of performing background investigations in less time, without sacrificing quality. By doing this, their level and quality of customer service would be improved. In order to accomplish this, they needed an IT solution that would work uniquely for their business, and they needed a team of IT experts to lead the charge in those efforts.


Before we could determine what changes and enhancements we would recommend, we first needed to have a deep-rooted understanding into the operation of Corporate Screening’s business. So, over the course of a two-week period, key leadership from our team met with numerous employees of Corporate Screening to review the use of technology in their business, and work to understand the specific pain points, challenges and opportunities. The pain points, challenges and opportunities that we discovered were then organized into two primary categories: Usability and technological consolidation, with additional observations related to auditing and reporting to give Corporate Screening executives a better window into the execution of their business.

The results of our discovery efforts led to our proposed plan of action to architect, develop, iterate, and deploy a modern technology solution for Corporate Screening that they would be able to develop, test, and deploy changes to the software quickly and easily. Additionally, this IT solution would allow for enhancements to be scheduled and implemented regularly, which would help Corporate Screening stay ahead of its competition. Some of the main themes that fit into our primary objectives, usability improvement and technological consolidation, and would be leveraged during development, included the following:

  • Ajax web requests
  • Call to action
  • Limiting mouse clicks
  • Minimize user entry
  • UI reusability
  • Unified design
  • Improving UI flow
  • Knowledge reusability
  • Ubiquitous language
  • Cutting down the number of applications
  • Eliminating system inefficiencies
  • Maximizing use of screen real estate
  • Integrated business rules
  • Seamless integration between internal systems
  • Taking manual processes online

Impact of Solution & Results

Once the proposed IT solution was approved by Corporate Screening, we began our efforts towards achieving the desired results. The results of our efforts were a streamlined and easy to use interface, which allowed Corporate Screening employees to perform their tasks more efficiently, increasing their capacity and allowing them to offer even better service to clients. Corporate Screening President, Greg Dubecky, went on to say that after running preliminary numbers, volume had increased by almost 10% but turnaround time had improved by over 30%. Additionally, Corporate Screening was able to save nearly 700 hours of production time and close to $10K a month in savings…All of this in just the first month of use!

“Aside from the intangible benefits to the platform – and there are many, I am finding that there is no longer a sense of frustration among the internal workforce. This alone is a huge win!” – Greg Dubecky (President of Corporate Screening)

As far as how their clients benefited from this IT solution, they experienced a modern website that allowed them to see status immediately. This led to clients gaining more trust in Corporate Screening, thus purchasing additional services, as well as recommending Corporate Screening and their services to their colleagues.