Legacy Application Upgrade for Global Paint Leader

Background & Problem

Our client, a global leader in the development, manufacturing and sale of coatings and paint related products, came to the Provato Group with an issue related to an in-house developed Java application that was no longer working as needed.

This application allowed our client’s employees and suppliers to maintain consignment and rebate data, and had a significant revenue impact. The system had remained largely untouched for over a decade, and was in need of some major updates. As its user-base grew, the demands placed on the system had caused it to not perform at a level of quality that was expected. Additionally, the code base was leveraging very old technology, which was not easy to support or enhance without developers who had legacy Java skills. Thankfully for our client, Provato had just the solution for their needs.

Solution & Results

The Provato team proposed leaving the Java platform behind and developing a new, cutting-edge application built with ASP.NET MVC, C#, and core architecture principals based on the Domain-Drive-Design methodology. Also, to interact with the legacy Oracle database server, Entity Framework would allow Provato’s developers to work against an Oracle database within C#, making data access simple and easy.

After nine months of focused development, Provato deployed the new application to the client’s production environment. Their existing user-base continued to get the functionality they have come to expect over the years, but now they also had numerous functional and performance improvements to greatly enhance the end-user experience. Also, because it was built with the latest technologies, the new system will be easy to support and enhance for years to come.