Park Place Technologies – Windows Virtual Desktop


Like many companies facing a growing need to provide for remote workers, Park Place Technologies knew it had to act quickly when a worldwide pandemic forced most of their workforce to shift gears and begin working remotely. As a company that provides exceptional global service for data center storage, server and network hardware for all tier one OEM equipment, Park Place needed to provide an environment for teams to work remotely, without missing a beat in terms of productivity and service. They came to Microsoft and The Provato Group to make that happen.

Tasked with delivering a secure solution that did not require providing laptops and remote connectivity, The Provato Group, working in collaboration with Microsoft, set up a Windows Virtual Desktop environment in Microsoft Azure.


Our solution started with a proof of concept phase that leveraged Windows Virtual Desktop for field engineer staff around the globe, but also need to be repeatable so they could use the solution for other departments. Since Park Place has 25 field engineers, but not all are using the solution at the same time due to geographic locations, the solution was designed to provide resources to the remote workers when they connect but not create stale resources when the resources are not in use.

Additional requirements for the solution included:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Leverage the company‚Äôs custom desktop image within the Windows Virtual Desktop host pool
  • Provide a scalable environment for users across global regions
  • Environment had to be accessible from different devices: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android
  • Solution needed to be reusable, so deployment for other departments was possible

One of the biggest benefits of the solution was that it was designed and documented in such a way that Park Place could easily do the following:

  • Deploy additional hosts to the host pool
  • Update the image and deploy the image in the host pool
  • Create new workspaces, host pools and application groups for new departments

The solution passed the proof-of-concept phase and the company is actively using the solution for the Field Engineer team. Additionally, they are creating workspaces for other teams that require the ability to work remotely.