Parts Inventory Rebuild for Vehicle Manufacturer

“Our client was ecstatic with the end result, and the speed to which The Provato Group was able to address the issues.”
– Client’s Local Marketing Agency’s Account Executive

Background & Problem

Coming to us by way of their local marketing agency, the leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in North America needed Provato’s help to rebuild their dealer parts inventory site within an outdated, out of support version of a CMS called Umbraco.

Solution & Results

Within two business days of being contacted by the local marketing agency, The Provato Group had strategized and began implementing a solution. The first task completed was preparing the dealer parts directory site for the move to the new CMS platform. In order to accomplish this, Provato first had to overcome broken components in the software, a partially upgraded SQL database, various unsupported plugins, widgets and a partially updated code repository. Given this is what Provato excels at, these issues were identified and remedied quickly.

The next step was for authentication to be brought up to date so that Single Sign-On authentication could work with the existing infrastructure. Now able to freely navigate the site, the unsupported plugin was brought back and built and added to the solution in place of the old version. Next, the various pages for sorting through parts by Part Category, Supplier and Brand were updated to read the data with additional work needed for the various diagrams and promotions shown on the pages. Once the pages were working, the search index was re-written to work with the new search formatting and added back to the application.

The new site was tested and deployed within three business days from when The Provato Group began the work, and the client has seen positive results both internally and externally.