SharePoint Site Design & Development

Background & Problem

An extension of a US-based model of care for the residents and communities of the United Arab Emirates, came to The Provato Group wanting a new website to support and inform their audience about their new facilities. This new website needed to be able to communicate a great deal of information about the new facilities, as well as the services they would be offering. This site also needed to be responsively designed and developed, in order to work seamlessly on mobile devices. On top of all of that, compatibility with the Arabic language (which is read from right-to-left) had to be a part of the solution as well.

Based on some work we had done on another website for this client, we were chosen as their preferred SharePoint development team.

Solution & Results

We worked closely with the client’s technical team, as well as IBM consultants (thanks to Provato’s existing partnership with IBM) to execute on Provato’s proposed SharePoint solution. That solution involved the following technologies:

  • SharePoint
  • jQuery / jQuery UI
  • C#
  • ASP.NET Web Parts
  • Responsive CSS

To accomplish this, numerous functional components for SharePoint would need to be custom developed, which involved SharePoint lists, web parts, and variations for localization support. Also, to support responsive design and Arabic right-to-left text, multiple CSS files were created using media queries and dynamic loading of files based on the end-users local culture settings.

It wasn’t long before the new, public-facing SharePoint site was live, and almost immediately began meeting users’ needs.