eCommerce Solution – Custom Wedding Card Manufacturer

Harmony Paper Company, a commercial paper manufacturer, was looking to build an eComm website with highly customizable greeting cards that could be ordered online and fulfilled with little or no human intervention.

  • Company: Harmony Paper Company
  • Platform: Custom .NET
  • Industry: Retail
  • Link: Visit Site

“Harmony Paper Company needed a design studio tool that allows the user to customize every part of their stationary. We created a tool from the ground up where the user can easily customize their product. The result is an AI file that is ready for the printer to fulfill the order.”

-Genevieve Bell, Web Designer

Key Features: 

  • UI that enabled customization and accurate digital representation of high-end Wedding Invitations
  • Comprehensive color palettes, paper types, edge patterns included two sided designs
  • The ability to create, save and update projects that included families of invitations and cards for an event
  • Full backend administration that enabled uploading new design themes and full order tracking
  • Automatic fulfillment via integration with print manufacturing facilities


Technology Solutions: 

  • Website UI Design and Development
  • .Net Custom Development
  • AngularJS Development
  • SQL Server