eCommerce – Craft Supplier and Retailer

Wholesale Supplies Plus, a leading manufacturer and distributor of craft soap, cosmetics, and candle supplies, was looking to upgrade their corporate eComm website to support their growing number of mobile customers.

  • Company: Wholesale Supplies Plus
  • Platform: Custom .NET
  • Industry: Craft Supplies Manufacturer
  • Link: Visit Site

“Wholesale Supplies Plus wanted to create a mobile-first design for their site. We ensured that their platform on all views was easy-to-use and browser-friendly for their customers.”

-Genevieve Bell, Web Designer

Key Features: 

  • Refactored UI that provides a rich experience for Mobile users
  • Responsive solution to support multiple form factors including tablets
  • Interface with custom .NET shopping cart
  • Support for modern browsers across all platforms


Technology Solutions: