Website Design – Financial Services Company

Kleinhenz & Associates, a leading personal wealth advisor and business market research company, was looking for a complementary pair of websites to represent their brand to personal investors and businesses looking for market economic guidance. The design needed to present a cohesive message representing both aspects their brand while speaking to their diverse audience of personal investors and corporate clients.

  • Company: Kleinhenz and Associates
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Industry: Financial
  • Link: Visit Site

“Simple, Professional yet Personal. I think we capture it well in theme.”

-Jeff Zart, Managing Director

Technology Solutions:

  • WordPress
  • WordPress Custom Theme
  • PHP Development
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Custom Post types
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Hosting


Key Features:

  • New updated dual design representing overall brand
  • Website design & theme leveraged across both sites
  • Randomized Hero images
  • Always Mobile Navigation with scrolling homepage
  • Responsive solution to support multiple form factors including tablets
  • Support for modern browsers across all platforms