Provato’s Proven Step Zero Recruiting Process

Finding the right candidates to fit your IT staffing needs can be a challenge. But Provato’s proven process for IT staffing makes it easy to fill any position quickly and easily. Read on to learn more about how the process works and how it can help your business find the perfect person to join your team.

Step 0 – Before A Requisition Is Known

How can you have a step before a process even starts? At The Provato Group, we start our recruiting process even before we know that you have a need. Our recruiters talk to potential candidates all day long, networking and building our pool of potential hiring candidates across a wide variety of technologies and skill sets. This helps us respond very quickly to client’s needs. Rather than reacting to a client requisition by just searching all of the job boards for a potential match like everyone else, at Provato, we start by referencing our internal pool of candidates that we have cultivated over our many years of existence. In most cases we are dealing with people that we already know and have insight as to how well they will align with your requisition. Our step 0 is what sets us apart from all of the other staffing agencies out there, and it enables us to perform at a level of quality and responsiveness that others cannot match.  

Step 1 – Receive Requisition

First, Provato receives a requisition from a hiring manager or a company and begins to identify and qualify candidates based on their skill sets and talents. The IT staffing industry is extremely competitive, so we know how important it is to act fast on the requisitions we receive. However, it’s also necessary to do so strategically.

Provato works to leverage as much information as we can about the requisition, which saves time for both the candidate and the manager. When we have a solid understanding of what the manager or company needs, we can better find a candidate to fit the position.

Step 2 – Recruiter Vets Candidates

To find the perfect candidate, it’s important to understand the requisition inside and out. We work to learn everything possible about the position, including roles and responsibilities and the company’s culture to ensure an ideal fit between the candidate and the position. This is key in Provato’s process, as it allows our recruiters to better narrow down the candidate pool based on the specific skills and experience required of the position. At this point, recruiters work to begin the vetting process, making sure to only choose the best possible candidates to move forward. Along with verifying years of experience and relevant skills sets, reference checks are performed to ensure the candidate comes highly recommended.

In the long run, our ability to learn all the details about the position also benefits the candidates, because they have more information about the company and the position, which can help them decide if the role is the right fit for them. Hiring managers only want to interview candidates who have a desire to work at their company and who understand the position and the company’s culture. Again, this saves both the hiring manager and the candidate time by weeding out anyone who isn’t serious about the role. 

Step 3 – Candidates Vetted by a Recruiter Move On

Once the recruiter has chosen and vetted the best candidates from Step 2, the candidates are then vetted by senior technical leadership. This is beneficial because it narrows down the field even further. These senior experts can sort through the remaining candidates to see which ones really have the expertise, technical knowledge, and experience that the position requires.

Sometimes, the hiring manager doesn’t always have the technical knowledge necessary to determine which candidate knows their stuff the best. This is where the Provato process counts for IT staffing. We make it easy to know that you’re only getting the absolute cream of the crop. Being vetted by our senior technical team means that the candidates have the ability to ask technical questions about the position and dive deeper into what would be required of them if they got the position. This helps to clear up any confusion they might have.

Step 4 – Candidate Resumes Sent to the Hiring Manager/Company for Review

Once candidates have been vetted by both recruiters and senior technical leadership, the final contenders’ resumes get sent to the hiring manager for review. At this point, Provato has worked hard to narrow down the playing field by finding only the strongest candidates to fill the position. This means that the hiring manager ends up with only a few highly qualified applicants who really feel passionate about working for the company and who have all the knowledge and skills necessary.

IT staffing candidates also benefit from this part of the process because they are assured that they’re getting individualized attention from our recruiters and their resumes aren’t being overlooked. This way, if they’re invited in for a final interview, they can be confident that they know about what the position entails, and that they would be a good fit for it. 

Step 5 – Candidate Interview Prep

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During this step, Provato’s expert recruiters help the candidates get ready for their interview with the company. This is one less step for the hiring manager, and it assures them that they are getting candidates who are prepared. Also, this helps the candidates feel more confident that they’ll be ready to handle the interview.

Step 6 – Offer Is Made

After a final decision is reached about who the best candidate for the position is, an offer is made to that candidate. Once the offer is accepted, Provato takes the time to complete a background check to make sure the candidate is who they say they are. The client doesn’t have to spend time and effort doing this, and the candidate gets started in their new position faster.

Step 7 – The First Day Is Here!

Provato walks both the candidate and the client through their first day working together. We are here to quickly resolve any problems or issues to make sure that you have a great first day. The client can be confident that we stand strongly behind the candidate and the services we provide.

Step 8 – Performance Check-Ins

During the candidate’s tenure with the client, we check in periodically to make sure that everything is working out as expected. You can rest assured that we will never leave you in a bad situation and will always be checking back in to make sure that the fit was as good as we promised. This also helps keeps the candidate accountable for their performance on the job, and also lets them know that we care about how they’re doing.

Learn More About Using Provato for IT Staffing

The Provato Group is proud to offer this proven process to fit all your IT staffing needs. If you have any questions about any of the steps in the process or would like to know more about how Provato can help you, contact us for more information. We have a decade of experience to back up our claims and we would love to learn more about your needs as a company.

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