Your Staffing Playbook for 2021: Recruiting Trends You Should Expect

In recent times, the staffing industry has undergone major changes as new technologies emerge, and the hiring practices change year-on-year. In 2020, the hiring landscape witnessed unprecedented shifts no one could forecast, and it left a lasting impression on the staffing industry as a whole.

Considering how different it was to find suitable candidates and bridge staffing needs to business objectives in the pre-pandemic world, this year has been a bumpy ride for many staffing professionals and business owners. As the hiring landscape remains in the spotlight in the last quarter of this unpredictable year, players in the HR world need to be more relentless and agile since 2021 is set to be a different ballgame. Before getting into what you can expect to see in the staffing world come 2021, let’s first take stock of the year 2020 for the staffing industry.

Staffing Has Changed in 2020

Compared to recent years, 2020 has seen more radical changes that have modernized the staffing industry, forcing organizations to adapt to the change or risk being left playing catch-up. Speaking to recruitment experts, leaders, and staffing professionals across the board, it is quite clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed the staffing industry. This comes as no surprise given that findings indicate that the staffing industry shrank by 21% this year from a market size of $152 billion in 2019 to slightly less than $120 billion.

So, how else has the staffing industry changed in 2020?

  • The staffing needs of most businesses have changed. As the impacts of the pandemic on the workplace continued to be felt, the demand for hiring declined in certain businesses yet soared in others. The exponential rise of remote work is the other significant change in the world of work we’ve seen in 2020.
  • The way hiring takes place has shifted in 2020. Many companies have shifted their recruitment from traditional face-to-face interviews to fully online recruitment processes. With the global shift to remote work, remote recruiting via live video interviews has become the norm.
  • Definitely, the job market has changed this year. The job market changes have forced companies to reduce job openings, furlough, or even fire some of their employees in the pandemic’s aftermath. With recruiting activities going online, the job market has been globalized.

The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Continue Shaking Up the Recruiting Industry

As we navigate through the last quarter of 2020, returning to the workplace in 2021 looks very unlikely. Even when it becomes possible to reopen and businesses head back to the office, the changes brought about by the pandemic will continue to shape the future of the staffing industry.

Here’s how the staffing industry’s revolution due to the pandemic will continue to be part of the future workplace:

  • Most businesses that have adopted work-from-home policies for their employees will most likely expand their work from home policies or even make them permanent.
  • Changes such as social distancing measures that were affected at the workplace in response to the pandemic are expected to remain in place at least for the first half of 2021.
  • With the increase in uptake of remote work expected to characterize 2021, the increased spending on IT resources seen in the last few months will become even more common.
  • The altered working conditions brought about by the pandemic are expected to remain in effect when businesses resume normal operations.

5 Staffing Trends to Help Your Company Dominate the Staffing Landscape in 2021

As we navigate through the remainder of 2020 and look towards 2021, staffing companies can enhance their recruitment processes and prepare to deliver the best services to clients by discovering the following trends:

1. Attention shifts to the provision of exceptional candidate experiences.

Offering excellent candidate experiences in your recruitment exercises during the post-pandemic recovery will improve your brand reputation and market your company to prospective candidates.

2. Advanced AI and More Automated Skill Assessment.

AI-powered hiring will change the face of hiring. More recruiters will turn to AI when searching for top talent during their hiring process. By using AI, tools recruiters should find and attract candidates easily. Recruiters are going to invest in automated skill assessment to vet candidates from anywhere.

3. Growth in the demand for flexible work.

Employers plan to adopt flexible work options for the longer-term, with more job seekers expected to demand flexibility. A survey by IBM shows that 75% of employees prefer a hybrid style of remote working, and another 54% would rather continue to work from home after the pandemic.

4. Virtual Interviews and Onboarding Are Not Going Away Anytime Soon.

Staffing and recruiting businesses are keen on new hiring models; thus, by pushing a few buttons on video conferencing tools like Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom, hiring teams will continue to engage with candidates virtually in the weeks and months ahead.

5. After The Storm Has Passed, Recruiting Will Be Pivotal in Mobilizing the Workforce Again.

In the recruitment industry, much has changed. As we head into 2021, staffing and recruiting professionals are upbeat that the industry will play a key role in mobilizing the workforce again. Businesses look at 2021 recruiting trends, and are taking major steps to adjust and pivot for the new nature of recruiting.

How Hiring Authorities and Staffing Professionals Should Plan for 2021

Looking ahead, 2021 is going to be new territory for staffing. Let’s look at how people looking to boost their workforce in 2021 can prepare to make great hires in a changing hiring landscape:

Invest in HR Tech

Streamline key aspects of your hiring process with AI and job ad tech. Besides a great return on investment, the right HR tech will simplify the hiring process, automate tasks, and target quality candidates.

Offer Perks to Attract Top Talent

As swift technological changes, cultural shifts, and globalization continue to take center stage, prepare employee benefits such as flexible work to offer your new hires.

Make Your 2021 HR Planning More Strategic

Benchmark salaries with peers, plan out your recruitment and figure out training and retention strategies for your business to smoothly navigate 2021 recruiting trends and staffing landscape and capitalize on the anticipated business boom.

Make Candidate Pipelines

Your business does not have to start from scratch when future hiring needs demand that you contact candidates in 2021. To be better prepared when the time to fill positions comes, create candidate pipelines now.

Use The Staffing Acumen of Provato Group to Secure Right Hires

As we approach 2021, finding qualified candidates quickly and having an all-in-one staffing solutions service provider has never been more important. As a go-to IT staffing professional, The Provato Group is proud to offer proven staffing processes sure to fit all your IT staffing needs. For questions, or if you would like to discuss how your organization can leverage reliable technological solutions to make excellent hires, reach out to us today.

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