5 Reasons Why Sitefinity is the Right CMS For You

Developing engaging content is a surefire way to reach more customers. But simply writing it isn’t enough. Great content doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Whether it’s the planning process before you’ve developed your content or the distribution process after, your content will require strategic management to ensure it’s performing well and helping you drive more sales.

Because of this, you’ll want to partner with a content management system (CMS) that allows you to get the most out of your content. Your CMS should be feature-laden, delivering value in a way that works for your organization’s specific content needs. It should have the capabilities needed to develop, distribute, and measure the content you pour your heart and soul into creating.

The best CMS you can use is Sitefinity CMS. It’s a comprehensive CMS that works for organizations large and small – no matter what your customization needs are, Sitefinity CMS can help you optimize your content’s performance. Let’s take a closer look at the top five reasons why you should use Sitefinity as your CMS.


Developing content is about more than simply thinking of a great idea and then executing it. You must be sure that your message is going to the right audience at the right time. Without this knowledge in mind, you run the risk of delivering carefully crafted content to people who aren’t really interested in what you have to offer. Sitefinity’s customization capabilities allow you to find your audience.

Sitefinity’s content development suite includes the ability to customize your content or campaign for the appropriate audience. You can not only develop content directed in the right place, but you can also test it out to optimize its effectiveness. Sitefinity CMS offers sophisticated A/B testing capabilities. You can evolve your content, shifting your focus until you strike a balance that resonates.

When you customize your content, you’ll get more value out of the valuable audience research you’ve conducted. You’ll develop messaging that speaks to your prospects on their level, no matter what demographic they fall under. This is how you increase engagement – with content expertly aimed at the right person.

One of the best ways to evaluate the distinctive components of your audience is through segmentation. Sitefinity gives you the ability to select the categories by which you want to identify your audience. This can be based on their demographic information or on their activity with your website. With the Sitefinity Insight campaigns feature, you can examine your potential customer’s activity and makeup. Once you’ve identified your audience, you can then begin personalizing your site content to best meet each segment’s information needs.

All your customization efforts will be recorded and evaluated by Sitefinity Insight, providing you with valuable insight into what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll find yourself able to continue successful campaigns or pivot from ones that aren’t having the expected impact.

Of course, customization is only effective when you fully understand your customers.

Learn More About Your Ideal Customer

Having insight into your customer and their behavior is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your marketing toolbox. Sitefinity has numerous tools dedicated to helping you better understand your customer. With its automation and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, Sitefinity helps you establish a holistic view of your customer and their wants, needs, and desires.

You can integrate information and data from other programs (more on this below) to help you build powerful, accurate customer personas. This provides you with an informed background from which to build compelling content. Sitefinity CMS understands that knowledge of your customer is the most powerful knowledge of all and gives you the tools needed to figure them out.

So how can you apply this improved knowledge of your customer and leverage it across platforms?


You likely use different platforms for a variety of business reasons. You’ll want to align your content with the goals these platforms are supporting. Being able to do this can be the difference between streamlining your content with the rest of your operations and allowing your organization to fall into confusion from a content development perspective. Having multiple tools can leave you reaching for data from disparate locations, hurting your ability to create content that takes these platforms into account.

You won’t have to worry about this with Sitefinity. That’s because Sitefinity has advanced integration capabilities with a variety of platforms that businesses love to use.

If you have an existing customer relationship management (CRM) tool with valuable customer data you need to access, Sitefinity can connect with it.

What about your employee records? If you have internal-facing content to create, having the ability to reach that information might be helpful. Sitefinity can integrate with those types of platforms as well.

There’s no shortage of integration capabilities at your disposal when you partner with Sitefinity. You’ll find that it’s a versatile tool with a seemingly limitless number of integration possibilities. Your marketing staff can get quick access to the data from those platforms while disseminating content from your website to those platforms as well.

Sitefinity encourages digital unity by linking your various platforms to it. Whatever your specific business needs – and whatever your current toolset – Sitefinity can help you manage it without the fear of losing valuable data.

Your need to integrate is only one concern, though. You’ll also want to develop websites that look stunning no matter how your customer is viewing them.


Your potential customers will likely be accessing your site on several different devices of varying sizes – smartphones, computers, and others. Sitefinity’s responsive design adapts your site to the device its own. You won’t have to worry about how your site appears on one device compared to another because Sitefinity has the flexibility needed to make it look perfect anywhere.

This responsiveness tracks with the platform’s overall theme of simplicity – one that is present within the platform’s operating features.

Easy to Use

No matter what kind of platform you’re looking to use for any purpose, usability is critical. When a platform is difficult to navigate, it makes it harder for your team members every time they log in. They’ll waste time trying to find where content is stored and the specific commands they need. It will be even harder.

With Sitefinity CMS, you’ll never have to worry about your team’s ability to use the system. Sitefinity’s efficient user interface is geared toward simplicity and ease of use. Sitefinity condenses all the tasks you’ll need to develop and distribute content that’s easy for your intended audience to use. With a few clicks, you’ll be able to create content, guide it through production, and send it to the appropriate channels. The simple interface enables you to deliver consistent language and content through whatever device you choose.

The bottom line? Sitefinity CMS is one of the best CMS tools available from both a versatility and capability standpoint. Using it will help your marketing team level up its content for happier customers and better results.