About The Provato Group

The Provato Group is a technology solutions and IT staffing services company in Brecksville, Ohio. We strategize, propose and provide IT solutions to companies locally and nationwide in three main ways:


Our goal is to ensure your specific IT needs meet your standards and requirements.

What Sets The Provato Group Apart

At The Provato Group, we will always assess a company’s unique situation to provide the best possible solution, always working in the client’s best interest. We collectively have over 75 years of staffing experience in-house and over 65 years of advanced IT project, IT architecture and IT development experience in-house. Additionally, we are industry agnostic, meaning we do not specialize in IT only for a specific industry. Rather, we are subject matter experts within the IT staffing and technology solutions profession, regardless of industry. Being industry agnostic benefits our clients as we are not competitor focused.

Provato means “proven” and the proof is in our long-lasting relationships, as well as our work examples.

Our staffing model is different compared to other IT staffing companies, and is part of our motivation.

Our Motivation

Years ago, a specific problem was identified in the IT staffing industry: companies weren’t looking just to fill a position with a body, but rather were looking for specific skills and level of expertise that the standard staffing company wasn’t delivering. Hiring managers were receiving lots of resumes that looked good on paper, but when it came to actually vetting these IT candidates, frustration ensued. This frustration fueled a solution.

In 2010, The Provato Group was born providing IT staffing and IT project solutions that delivered the right people, the right partnerships, and the level of experience required. The Provato Group didn’t just look for buzzwords on a resume to find and deliver IT candidates. The Provato Group believed in quality over quantity and combed through and vetted the candidates personally before delivering the truly qualified IT applicants to hiring managers. This process saved the hiring managers time and eliminated their frustration. This is a level of quality that sets The Provato Group apart from other staffing agencies.

The Provato Group’s reputation was well-regarded and its first clients were Sherwin Williams, Materion, Addon Software and Harley Davidson to name a few.

In its early years, The Provato Group experienced a lot of success and acquired another IT staffing company, Terceta, to grow its network and capabilities in 2013. The Cleveland Clinic became a client and The Provato Group expanded its offices. The expansion added even more resources growing the IT project services arm of the business to better serve its clients.

Today and in recent years, the advent of cloud services is causing more demand for IT professionals, leaders and partners. The Provato Group is at the forefront of this technology trend and has the resources to support this demand for small, medium and large companies locally and nationwide.

The Provato Group continues to expand and serve clients in the IT staffing and application development solutions arena but has also expanded to offer Cloud Services & digital marketing solutions as well. This expansion makes it easier for clients to fulfill their all-around technology service needs.