Cloud Strategy

Interested in cloud solutions, but are not sure where to start? Our Cloud Services team can help you chart your path to the cloud

Why Cloud?

Cloud Icon with Chess PiecesThere are many advantages of adopting cloud computing including flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness. On premise models of the past required significant planning, ordering and purchasing of software and equipment, large capital expenditures and an experienced staff to install and implement all of it. An account with a cloud provider such as Microsoft Azure eliminates much of that overhead and provides the ability to order, setup and implement similar systems in hours in what may have taken several months in the past. It reduces the need for teams of systems engineers, and the pay as you go model eliminates the large upfront investments and reduces computing waste with a scale on demand model. Adopting the cloud has benefits for businesses of all sizes and should be the default standard in most situations.

Your Journey

It is never too late to chart your path to the cloud, and it could start with a simple website, migrating a legacy application or just simply leveraging remote storage. Most organizations start small and build to larger initiatives as they become more proficient and comfortable with a cloud computing model. While cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure provide simple interfaces that make standing up new environments quite easy, it is important to have a plan in place before diving in. Understanding components of cloud environments such as network and application architecture, information security and cost models are all very important before building out and turning on environments. At the Provato Group, our Cloud Services team will help you chart your path to ensure that your first cloud experience is successful and will lay the foundation for future solutions. Whether your need is a full cloud strategy, or just some directional guidance, having a plan will go a long way in ensuring you maintain your chosen path.

Cloud Audits

Maybe you have already tried your hand with the cloud and had some success, but you are not quite sure where you stand. Without proper internal controls and processes in place it is very easy to lose sight of cloud activities across your organization. Staff turnover and unmanaged ownership models can lead to orphaned resources, cloud system sprawl and monthly fees that can grow rapidly. The Provato Group can assist you with a Cloud Audit to clearly identify the resources you have, where your cost is being incurred and what you can do to better manage your overall spend. The cloud is a great tool and easy to use, but also can easy grow out of control if not properly managed. Without at least a basic cloud strategy many organizations will struggle with this problem.

Cloud Governance

A cloud governance model is a critical cloud strategy component for larger IT organizations with multiple departments and users leveraging a cloud service. With no systems and controls in place, your cloud environment and costs can grow out of control. Identifying a central point of control over your cloud environments, and establishing standards and processes to manage resource usage, can go a long way in controlling cost and maintaining an organized environment. The Provato Group Cloud Services team can help you establish the team and controls necessary to do this effectively and help you on the path to effective and efficient cloud computing.

The Provato Difference

The Provato Group recognizes that each organization is different, and your cloud requirements are unique to you. We will not shove a square peg in a round hole by providing you with preconfigured solutions. We are a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partner that will customize our solutions to meet your needs and ensure they are cost-effective and efficient to solve your specific challenge.